6 Reasons Why Krav Maga is Great for Children

Children and teens are particularly sensitive while growing up, both physically and mentally. They need guidance and something to hold onto. Besides parents’ unconditional love and attention, they need something more to prepare them for the world that awaits them. That’s why martial arts like Krav Maga are a great and fun way to help your child grow into a confident and a healthy adult.

Krav Maga is a self-defence system that teaches children to think, above all else, and to avoid direct confrontation whenever possible. If it’s unavoidable, children are taught how to assess the situation they are in and act accordingly. Physical confrontation is most certainly the last resort. But come what may, at least your child will be prepared for it.
Krav Maga kids’ and teens’ program is specifically designed to help them gain valuable skills and experience, and not glorify violence like some might think. Below are 6 reason why you should enrol your child in Krav Maga Kids Program:

1. Improving Self-Discipline

One of the crucial elements of any form of martial arts is nurturing self-discipline. Kids and teens nowadays are often used to getting what they want here-and-now – and that’s not an easy habit to break. Krav Maga is ideal for fostering self-discipline in a fun and safe way.

2. Socializing

Martial arts are an amazing way for children to make new friends. Some children find it challenging to form new friendships, whether at school or at the playground. This is usually because they don’t have (or don’t know they have) any common interests. Krav Maga kids’ classes are designed to bring children together through training and help them improve their social skills. This way, your child will break the ice and will be able to overcome that challenge.

3. Building Self-Esteem

As already mentioned, children are often vulnerable and sensitive. Their self-esteem and confidence need to be fostered, otherwise, they may become insecure and frustrated as they grow up. Learning a new skill like Krav Maga is a sure way to do that. Kids and Teens Krav Maga program offers effective techniques to boost your child’s self-confidence, which usually comes with achievements. Every time they reach a new goal, they feel better about themselves. And having a sense of purpose in life, especially at a young age, is clearly beneficial for child’s psychological development.

Childrens Self Defence
4. Boosting Concentration

In an age where average human attention span is less than that of a goldfish, how can you expect children’s to be any better? Krav Maga training classes are proven to significantly improve focus and concentration even for children with ADD. And we all know that the ability to concentrate is vital for the academic and school success.

5. Improving Fitness

Physical activity is definitely a must for children of all ages. But not just any activity, only effective and balanced activity that corresponds to child’s age and skills. Krav Maga training not only helps your child stay healthy and fit, but it’s also beneficial for child’s strength, balance, coordination as well as good posture.

6. Creating Self-Awareness

Through Krav Maga techniques and methods, children learn to be become conscious of their own reactions and emotional states they are in. And by becoming aware of it, they learn how to modify it when necessary. So, besides physical skills, with Krav Maga children also acquire a priceless thinking skill. Monitoring their own performance and behaviour will help them fit into different social situation later on in life.

Stay Safe Krav Maga run Kids and Teens classes on Saturday mornings at Mountbatten School in Romsey, Hampshire. Click here for more details.