Basingstoke Adult Krav Maga

Thank you for visiting our Basingstoke page. This class is taught by Neil Brennan

Our training is based on modern day, real life attacks. Although we follow Krav Maga syllabus techniques we recognise society has changed, so our approach to training has to evolve with the changes.

With more people training in mixed martial arts (MMA) these days it can be a very dangerous weapon with the wrong individual practicing it.

We focus on both the attack and the attacker. If he or she is striking, has a weapon or taking you to the ground we find the suitable defences for the assault.

Our aim is to give you the tools you need to defended yourself in any type of street violence; to make you a more positive, stronger student both mentally and physically. You get all of this and more at our Basingstoke class.

Class Time: 
Tuesday 19:30 to 21:00


Stay Safe Krav Maga
Cranbourne College, Wessex Close,
RG21 3NP Basingstoke, , HAM
United Kingdom
Hampshire GB