Corporate Events

Are you planning a conference and looking for a great post conference activity?
Are you looking for a fantastic team building exercise to get team members to bond and work closer together?

Do you want something different, that goes beyond building structures, crossing bridges or navigating a field blindfolded? If your answer is yes then Stay Safe Krav Maga have the perfect activity for your team!

Krav Maga Seminars and Team Building

The corporate world is stressful, we know this. Teams form, evolve and grow. We understand this too. Our 1/2 day seminars are perfect for bringing your team together outside of the office environment, focussing on shared goals, developing team spirit and greatly improving communication.

We have 3 events that we offer that focus on specific areas. Depending on your team you will find one that suits your team.

Stay Safe with Krav Maga

Our fundamentals team building event. Click for more information

Third Party Protection Experience

This event focusses on groups situations. Learn how to defend loved ones and other untrained friends when situations arise. Click for more information

VIP Protection Experience

Our most popular team building event. Be the high flying executive, actor or rock star. More importantly - be their protection detail. Learn how to be the unsung hero keeping these guys safe! Click for more information

Costs and Venues

Stay Safe Krav Maga can tailor a package to your needs. Depending on your location we can host on-site or off-site events. We can cater and also integrate with other events you might be planning.

Common Questions

We have tried to answer many of the common questions we receive on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Please contact Paul Hopkins, our Corporate Team Leader, on 07982 677717 for more details, email or fill in the form and we will get back to you.