Top 4 Reasons Why Every Women Should Learn Krav Maga

Krav Maga isn’t about winning a fight. It’s not actually about winning at all. Quite the opposite. The key principle behind Krav Maga is to deter potential aggressor and avoid any physical conflict, and not vice versa. It’s about being able to defend yourself when and if necessary. And being able to protect yourself is a must, especially in today’s society. That’s what makes Krav Maga the perfect skill every woman should learn.

Women sometimes don’t look as strong as men do, but don’t let that fool you. Women can be superior fighters. But the fact is, women don’t take as much interest in martial arts, and think they can’t do much about their physical strength. Well, this is wrong, to say the least. While men generally do have more muscle mass and tend to build it easier than women, this doesn’t mean women cannot learn how to defend themselves. So, the only obstacle is finding motivation and time. Although finding the time for training can be a challenge, it’s definitely worth it. Your body and your mind will thank you for it. Plus, learning a martial art isn’t just about fighting. There’s more to it than meets the eye. So, it’s time to get up and do something for yourself! Below are 4 major benefits women can gain by taking up Krav Maga training classes:

1. Personal Safety

Have ever you been attacked in the street? Do you know somebody who has been? Whatever the case, this is certainly one of the most stressful situation a women can find herself in. Potential rapists and violent robbers are always a threat (although you shouldn’t get paranoid, of course!), and it’s up to you whether you want to protect yourself with something other than pepper spray.

2. Getting in Shape

We all know how difficult it can be to maintain optimal weight and body shape in today’s society. You’re always on the run, and your body is suffering although you might not be aware of it. Well, guess what, martial arts are an ideal way to get back in shape and speed up your metabolism. Krav Maga trainings offer a great workout, plus you’ll learn how to defend yourself!

3. Stress-relief

Stress, both long and short-term, can have harmful effects on health. Stress can lower your immunity, cause weight gain, depression and mood swings. And women seem to be more susceptible to stress than men, or so it seems. Whether you’re stressed out at work or at home with the children, if you’re looking for something to help you unwind, you’re at the right place. Self-defence sports like Krav Maga are known to have a stress-reducing effect. But only that. Well-balanced exercise program helps your body release endorphin which regulates mood. So, after a Krav Maga training you’ll be fresh as fresh as a daisy!

4. Building Self-confidence

As with any form of martial arts, you’ll boost your self-confidence as you progress through the training program. With every new achievement, you’ll feel good about yourself and more capable. This will boost your self-esteem and make you feel safer wherever you go.

All of the Stay Safe Krav Maga classes are accessible for both men and women. We have classes in Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Chichester, Salisbury, Basingstoke and Newbury. Classes are spread throughout the week.

When you join Stay Safe Krav Maga you join a club. You can train at as many classes per week as you like. Membership gives you the flexibility to fit your training around your family, and you can vary which day you train each week if you need that flexibility. Check out our Membership Packages or get in touch to book your FREE Taster Session