VIP Protection Experience

This is our most popular team building event!

Your entire team will have the chance to play the high flying executive, actor or rock star. More importantly, they will also be their protection detail. They will learn how to be the unsung hero keeping these guys safe!

Key Points
1/2 Day (3 1/2 hours including 20 minute break)
Basic self defence overview
Situational awareness & threat identification
Time line of confrontation
Learn how to strike effectively
Accompanying a VIP
Identify and intercept potential threats
Removing the VIP from situations
Dealing with multiple attackers
T-Shirt and Certificate of Achievement for each participant
Physical Level (1-10) 4
10 people minimum

Participants work in pairs and small groups. Groups will change regularly meaning everyone will work with everyone else numerous times.

This is a physical seminar. Participants will require sports clothing, water and a towel (we recommend a supply of fresh fruit and/or other healthy snacks).

You will learn theory but also put it into practice. The seminar builds in complexity culminating in a whole team exercise which will leave participants feeling energised, engaged and above all that they have worked together and achieved something big.