Welcome to Stay Safe Krav Maga

Stay Safe Krav Maga operate classes across Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire and West Sussex.

Krav Maga is arguably the most effective form of self defence that you can learn. With many traditional martial arts you start dealing with confrontation at the point of someone standing in front of you. With Krav Maga we look at the situation far far earlier.

Time Line of Confrontation

Avoidance is the best form of self defence. There is no point allowing a potential attacker to get close to you if you have identified them before that.

We teach you how to work with your environment to understand how to identify potential threats early and take appropriate action.

Non Physical Resolution and Situation De-escalation

We do not want to be involved in a physical altercation. There is no way of knowing exactly how that might turn out and where it might lead.

We give you the tools to allow you to diffuse stressful situations and use non physical means to prevent a confrontation escalating.

Third Party Protection

We have family, we have friends. They may well not know Krav Maga. What if something happens when you are with them. You may know how to defend yourself but how will that situation change if you are with your kids in the park?

We teach you how to orientate yourself, shield and move your loved ones and exit them from confrontations safely and quickly.

Womens Krav Maga

Krav Maga is not about strength or power. It is about thinking and it is about effective technique. Krav Maga is perfectly suited for women and we would recommend as many women to study Krav Maga as possible. We look at general scenarios relavent to men or women but we also look at issues specific to women.

We are not pychologists but we do understand the difference between how men and women react in violent or stressful situations. This is key to teaching so that you understand not only the techniques that might be more relavent to you but also how you might react should a situation arise. Please please please sign up for a Taster Session to see how we can help you to stay safe.

Class Locations

The map below shows our locations. Please click on a pin to find out more information.